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Mich Weston is known as a 21st Century renaissance man. As one of today's prominent leaders, Mich is a voice of influence in various arenas. Mich is a Speaker, Teacher, Composer, Youth Advocate, Marketing & Media Design Professional and Artist Management Entrepreneur. Mich is a sought-after voice and has for years been a source of inspiration, motivation, empowerment, direction and insight to many. Currently, Mich is the CEO of Weston Carlyle Inclusive, servicing individuals and brands in the areas of brand development, brand management, graphic design, web design, media planning and creative services; as well as the Executive Director of the Kingdom Technology Institutes. As a student, Mich is pursuing degrees in both Sociology and Professional Counseling at Grand Canyon University.

Mich's abilities and leadership qualities have allowed him to serve in the following capacities:

  • Interim Associate Pastor | Worldwide Baptist Church (Asheville, NC)
  • Enrichment Program Director | YMCA of Greater Indianapolis (Indianapolis, IN)
  • Owner & President | MICHrophone Marketing Solutions (Indianapolis, IN)
  • Executive Youth Pastor | Christ Church Apostolic (Indianapolis, IN)
  • Private School Educator | Christ Temple Christian Academy (Indianapolis, IN)
  • Youth & Young Adult Ministries Pastor | Christ Church Apostolic (Indianapolis, IN)
  • CEO & Partner | Weston Carlyle Inclusive (Charleston, SC)
  • Executive Director | Kingdom Technology Institutes (Charleston, SC)


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Michael A. Weston, CEO & Partner | Elliot Carlyle, President & Partner

We are a temporary leadership team and permanent partner that leads in the establishment and aids in the maintenance of brands.

WESTON CARLYLE INCLUSIVE is an all-inclusive creative team specializing in Art Direction, Brand Development, Creative Direction and Management strategies and solutions. WESTON CARLYLE is a combined partnership with over a decade of success in moving ideas from concept to creation and positioning people and brands for influence on a global scale. WESTON CARLYLE also provides a training and mentorship program that equips individuals and voices for movement within the 7 mountains of culture: Arts & Entertainment, Media, Business, Government, Family, Education and Religion.


  • Art Direction & Design | Advertising Campaigns, Brand Packaging, Content Creation, Electronic Press & Media Kits, Image Manipulation, Line Sheet Development, Look Book Development, Special Event Marketing, Web Design
  • Brand Development | Brand Marketing & Media, Brand Strategy, Branding Consultation, Branding Identity, Business Plans, E-Marketing, Image Consulting & Development, Media Relations, Public Relations, Sales & Merchandise Planning, Social Media Strategy
  • Creative Direction | Concept Planning & Development, Fashion Show Production, Runway Coaching, Model Casting, Event Planning & Management, Set Design
  • Management | Artist Management, Model Management

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Producer & Director

Mich Weston, Producer & Director


#ecLIVEat10 is a weekly video broadcast of "Destiny Conversations" hosted by ELLIOT CARLYLE | the brand. the voice. on Facebook Live at Monday – Friday at 10pm EST/9pm CST. Elliot Carlyle has dubbed the #ecLIVEat10 audience as fellow architects; people who are actively building dreams, visions, goals, purpose and destiny. The success keys, wisdom strategies and faith–based empowering content shared by Elliot Carlyle attracts visionaries, entrepreneurs, ministry leaders, artists, philanthropists, and the like for an intense one–hour session of life–enhancing information and liberating revelation.
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Executive Director & Instructor

Mich Weston, Executive Director & Instructor


Mich Weston serves as a Voice of Influence with the Kingdom Technology Institutes, LLC, better known as KTI, where he provides business solutions and speaks for impacting & educational symposiums, conferences and institutes. KTI exists as a multifaceted platform & resource to position faith-based businesses and brands for influence in world systems known as the 7 Mountains of Culture: Arts & Entertainment, Business, Education, Family, Government, Media and Religion.
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Brand & Event Coordinator

Mich Weston, Brand & Event Coordinator


WESTON CARLYLE is thrilled to sponsor MAIA Moms, a faith based, non-profit organization dedicated to single mothers and their children. MAIA Moms offers hope for a better future and gives single moms the opportunity to dream again. WESTON CARLYLE will serve as the Creative, Event and Marketing Directors for the MAIA Moms Annual “More Than a Label” Fashion Show for 2016. CEO/Partner, Mich Weston, will serve as Brand & Event Director for the show contributing his master skills in advertising, art direction, event management, campaign development, graphic & media design and marketing. President/Partner, Elliot Carlyle, will serve as Creative Director for the show contributing his master skills in casting direction, fashion show production and public relations.

“We are both humbled and honored to be trusted by MAIA Moms with their vision. We have a heart to always give back and pay it forward. The mission and values that MAIA Moms stands on echoes our own drive: to empower. We look forward to using our technology to inspire the MAIA Moms audience to BE GREAT!” -WESTON CARLYLE | Michael Weston, CEO/Partner | Elliot Carlyle, President/Partner


“More Than a Label”, from the beginning, has been about two things:
1. Designing outfits to show that how you look and feel about yourself is more than the label on your clothing. We put together a fashion show that shows women how to look and feel fabulous on a budget.
2. Showing the world that while single mothers come with a stigma, they truly are so much more than the label the world has given them. They are moms, sisters, daughters, friends, entrepreneurs, and more... just like every other woman, only with a few more challenges.

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Founder & Leader

Mich Weston, Founder & Leader


The Re:ForUm is not “a church” for Jesus has already established THE CHURCH. (“This is not a technicality but a reality.”)

The Church
The Re:ForUm is established on the basic principle that The Church is a living, moving organism (not an organization) that consists of many members but by one Spirit. Therefore, The Church is one body. It is our purpose to restore Christ’s heart and original intent for The Church; to call those who are of His body together in oneness. We affirm, “I, alone, am but a member of the Body but WE, together, are The Church.”

The Purpose
The express purpose of The Re:ForUm is to serve as a gathering and growth epicenter for the members of The Church.

The sole mission of The Re:ForUm is to disciple, develop, and dispatch Sons of God to fulfill God’s will in the earth.

The Vision
The vision of The Re:ForUm is five-fold:

  1. To develop a community that promotes oneness with God, self, and others for the purpose of wholeness
  2. To host regular worship encounters to emphasize and encourage intimacy with God and fellowship with others
  3. To provide pro bono counseling services through licensed partners of The Re:ForUm
  4. To offer low-cost meeting, office, and event spaces to small businesses and non-profit organizations
  5. To establish small groups to further foster community, oneness, and provocation to good works

Posted by Mich Weston on 12/16/2016

It would be selfish of me not to write this letter to you. After all, I’ve always felt like I’ve owed you an explanation anyway. The crazy thing is that I’m not writing this expecting you to understand. In fact, I’m anticipating you trying to talk me out of this, beating me over the head with what you think I should do, and even giving me a word from the Lord. I mean, it’s what you’ve always done and how you’ve always dealt with me. I know, I know... It seems like I just can’t let go of the past. You know what?! You’re right! You still deal with me like some insecure little boy. You call me random. You say that I’m confused. You even question whether or not when I say “the Lord told me” if He really told me. I’m writing this letter to clarify some things; you know, explaining myself to you one last time. I hope you get it this time.

First of all, whether you realize it or not, I’ve always cared about the things you say to me. I’ve lived my entire life trying to live up to your expectations. I’m sure you have a real interesting look on your face right now thinking, “He doesn’t listen to me. He’s always done whatever he wanted.” Let me help you out! I’ve been paranoid since I was a little boy. I can remember as far back as the year 1996 when I would sit up all night in fear of what would happen to me if I didn’t do what you said. The issue was that I had thoughts, dreams, and desires of my own but in an attempt to make you happy I put all of that aside. Guess what?! You still weren’t satisfied. You never even acknowledged the sacrifices I made for you. All you did was require more and more from me.

Let me go a little deeper. You never listened to me; well, not unless you agreed with what I was saying. I had so much to say to you! I wanted you to just understand what I was feeling. Anytime I would bring up a conversation about what I thought, what I felt, or even came to you with the questions I had, you would change the subject and then give me some tedious task to do. You know what the crazy thing is?! Every single time, I would just shut up and do exactly what you wanted me to do. OK... Maybe not every single time... There were those times when I got enough courage to bump up against what you told me to do. However, that courage never lasted because you had convinced everyone around me that I was “losing it.” So, all the people you convinced of that would tell me that I need to go back to you. So, I did! I went back to you! Here’s the messed up part about it. When I came back, you would constantly bring up the times that I bumped up against you and use them to prove to me how incompetent I am. Furthermore, you would make sure that I looked like the bad guy to everybody else. You let people talk badly about me. The general consensus was that I was random.

I’m almost certain that you’re reading this, shaking your head in denial. Let me jog your memory! Remember when I wanted to go off to college in Kansas City? I told you that the Lord told me to go. You were convinced that I was going there for some “ulterior motive.” I mean, every detail about that move was coming together but somehow I let you convince me that I wasn’t hearing from God. What’s even more insane to me is how you got people to take your side. I’ve got to give it to you, you know exactly who to use to get to me! With help from them, you convinced me to stay in Indianapolis. Guess what you did?! You made sure I didn’t forget the time that I “missed God.” I could go through so many other instances like that but I won’t. My point is that you always had this way of making me feel like I couldn’t do anything without you. Even with all of that, I’m not even mad at you. I could spend so much time talking about how badly you’ve treated me. Truth be told, with all the evidence I have, I could really resent you with just cause but I don’t. In fact, I forgive you!

So, you want to know why I’m doing this, right?! Well, I’m certainly not doing this because of you. I’d be damned if I let you get me to this place! I’m doing this because I hate myself. I hate myself for letting you and people control me. I hate myself for allowing insecurity to rob me of my integrity. I hate myself for making bad decisions just so that everybody would see me as “normal.” I hate myself because I allowed myself to drag other people into my unhappy life and took their happiness trying to use them make me happy. I hate myself because I used sex and secrecy to make me feel like I’m somebody. I hate myself because when I KNEW I was right, I let intimidation keep me from standing up for myself. I hate myself because I robbed myself of individuality trying to be accepted. More than anything, I hate myself for allowing myself to ignore what God said so that I wouldn’t upset you. So, the only option I have left is to die.

I know it’s going to be your natural instinct to try to convince me not to do it. However, by the time you get this letter, I’ll already be dead. I know you’ll miss me but you’ll get through it. Let me reiterate the fact that I’m not mad at you. I realize that you’re not ill-intended and heartless but that sometimes our good intentions are overshadowed by our need to be validated. Trust me; I know what that’s like. I spent my entire life intending to do well but couldn’t ever do it because I wanted your validation. I’ve just come to the place where I won’t want to be that person anymore. So, I’m killing the incompetent, insecure, bad decision-making, abnormal, unhappy, selfish, secretive, intimidated, dependent, ignorant little boy that I’ve allowed people to refer to as “Michael Andrew Weston” my entire life.

That’s not who I am. I am a man. I have self-control. So, I don’t need you to control me. I am secure. So, I don’t have to sacrifice my integrity to gain your approval. I am normal but I’ve been equipped for a supernormal mission. So, I don’t expect you to understand. I am happy with who God made me. So, I don’t need you or anybody else for the purpose of making me happy. I am confident. So, I don’t need sex to make me feel wanted and I don’t have to be secretive to make me feel important. Because I’m a man, I’ve always been able to admit when I was wrong. So, I now realize that it’s okay for me to stand up for what I know is right and to stand up for myself when I know I’m right. I am an individual. So, I don’t need to fit in or be accepted because I am a context of my own. I am a man of God who hears and knows the voice of God. So, I don’t have to second-guess what I hear or what I say. I am Mich Weston.

Frankly, deception, I used to think all of this was your fault but I don’t blame you; I blame myself.

Posted by Mich Weston on 07/11/2016

Mean... Sarcastic... Giving... Intelligent... Intense... Disconnected... Irritable... Creative... Undependable... Trustworthy... Consistent... Inconsistent... Strange... Arrogant... Relatable... Funny... Analytical... Negative... Positive... Crazy... Insightful... Smart... Awkward... Loud... Quiet... Confident... Irresponsible... Responsible... Old... Immature... Talented... Resourceful... Undedicated... Dedicated... Humble... Powerful... Weak... Feminine... Serious... Playful... Irritating... Mannish... Intolerant... Understanding... Kind... Close-minded... Open-minded... Churchy... Worldly... Reasonable... Critical... Particular...

The list of adjectives above is the result of me taking a few minutes to reflect on the ways people have described me in the last 5 years. The most amazing part about this list is that it is limited because it only covers a 5-year span, is based on my limited memory, and doesn't include the things that people have said or thought about me but never said to me. Furthermore, it is interesting to me that many of these adjectives contradict another or others in the list. After I wrote these words down, I was left with two questions. Firstly, I asked myself, "Could it be that I've been a living contradiction?" This was followed with the question, "Do I even know who I am?"

As a branding professional, it is my job to create identity. I spend hours strategizing on how to develop a brand that is unique and, most importantly, that generates consistent conversation about the brand among the targeted audience. However, even with my strongest efforts, there will always be varying perceptions, opinions, and conversation about the brand. This means that my job is not to brainwash the world into believing in the brand but to ensure, despite the varying perceptions, that the overall consensus is consistent.

Last week, I spent a few days shopping online for a camera. As I shopped, I took time to read consumer reviews to help in my decision-making process. The reviews varied greatly. Some people said they loved the camera and described it as if it were the second coming of Elvis. On the contrary, some people said it was terrible, a complete waste of money, and strongly advised readers not to purchase it. Even though the consumer reviews were helpful to me, the determining factor, for me, was the overall rating of the product. When I found a camera that I liked, the negative reviews became irrelevant because the general consensus was that the camera was a great buy.

As I thought retrospectively on those reviews, the question I had to ask was, "How can there be so many different experiences with the same product?" Almost immediately, these words came in response, "A person's experience is determined by their expectation." In other words, perception, though influenced by experience, is ultimately determined by one's expectations. With this understanding, I must revisit and replace the questions I originally asked myself. The question is no longer, "Could it be that I've been a living contradiction?" The new question at hand is, "What do people expect of me?" I need not ask, "Do I even know who I am?" The question really is, "Does who I am stand a chance against people's expectations?"

Imagine if the company I purchased my camera from, for every negative review the camera received, called a board meeting or took the product off the market for redevelopment. Time and resources would be quickly drained and the company's productivity, progress, and revenue would be greatly affected. This scenario may seem a bit farfetched to some. However, it happens every day. There are individuals who, every time they are misunderstood and/or misjudged, hold an internal board meeting with themselves and even retreat for "redevelopment" all while wasting time, resources and negatively affecting their productivity, progress, and income.

I speak so confidently about this because I was that person. Almost everything I started I never finished because someone had a negative review. I knew who I was but every time I was met with misunderstanding, I questioned myself and retreated. I allowed people's misjudgment of me to lower my confidence and their not-so-constructive criticism to send me into "redevelopment." The same guy whose job it is to create identity lost his own. Furthermore, I was never able to generate consistent conversation about myself because, after each setback, I went into the process of rebranding. Unknowingly, I was living my life under the influence of the perception of others.

Let me explain something about myself. I am an individual who strongly believes in balance. I have watched so many people who have potential to be great miss the mark because they were never able to deal with criticism. Because of this, I purposed in my heart not to be that type of individual. Ironically, however, I still became one of those individuals who had potential to be great but missed the mark; not because I couldn't receive criticism but because criticism became my greatest influence.

I lived a life controlled by the perceptions of people with whom I never stood a chance because their expectation was not compatible my identity or my purpose. When I came to this realization, I made the decision that I was going to live of my life in and on purpose. I was no longer going to live my life trying to meet the expectations of people who I'm not built for. The truth of the matter is that what controls your life owns you. I discovered that living a life controlled by identity and purpose will never leave you perception possessed.

If it ain't for you, #JustKeepScrolling.

Posted by Mich Weston on 06/18/2016

Several months ago I had the opportunity to travel to Florida on business. During my stay there I had an opportunity to meet the parents of my business partner, Elliot. I sat in the den with his parents watching the NFC Championship and Elliot made his way into the kitchen. While in the kitchen he noticed a sweet potato pie on the counter. So, he walked to the entrance of the den and asked, “Is this a Patti LaBelle pie?” His father quickly responded, “Yeah! Go in there and see if it ain’t.” Elliot went back into the kitchen and returned to the den and sat down with a “slither” of pie in his hand. After his very first bite, which was clearly dissatisfying, Elliot says, “This ain’t no Patti pie! It’s not even sweet!” His father instantly broke into laughter and said, “Your mother had the same complaint.” His mother chimes in, “Your daddy made that pie. You know it wasn’t made with nothing but Splenda and Equal.” His father then makes a statement that, though hilarious, was powerful. Using both his thumbs and emphatically pointing to his chest he says, “This pie wasn’t made for nobody other than SELF!”

From the time that I was 8 years old, I made it the mantra of my life to serve. From teaching, to pastoring and even counseling, I dedicated almost 20 years of my life to serving and helping others. I was praised and was called upon by those who admired what I did. While praising my accomplishments, those individuals failed to see the underlying depression and personal irresponsibility. I spent years encouraging others while living in a dark pit of depression. I was helping others organize their lives and businesses but I had mishandled and unhandled business of my own. I was being honored but my personal life was less than honorable.

In 2015, I decided to change that. So, I set out on a journey of taking responsibility for my life and my decisions. Though a difficult journey, it turned out to be a necessary one. I’ve got to give it to myself, it was a brave and mature decision on my part. After over a year of being on this journey, I felt like I was ready to reengage. So, a little less than a month ago, I decided that I was going to consistently write and share my writings with the world. For the last several weeks, I’ve been successful at doing so and was feeling good about it. However, at the end of last week, though I had made GREAT progress in my journey, I came to a shocking revelation about myself that revealed some personal things that I had subconsciously been avoiding because I feared the prospects of penalty and failure.

This revelation sat with me the entire weekend and by Sunday night, I made the decision that this week was going to be drastically different; I was going to handle unfinished personal business. With that decision made, I started the week. I sat aside my company, my writing and anything else that would hinder me to focus on what I needed to do for Mich. This decision was the best decision I could have made. In 4 days, I was able to handle almost 10 years of unhandled personal business. Even now, I feel so good about what I was able to accomplish.

Now, I’ve got to be honest, making the decision to only focus on me this week was not an easy one. Multiple times, I asked myself, “Do I really have to put everything aside?” After all, my business is what I depend upon for finances. So, even though it’s about helping others, it benefits me too. Likewise, I’ve received multiple messages from people telling me how much my writings have empowered them but the real reason I’m writing is because it is an outlet for me to express myself and to release thoughts from my mind. So, though others were being helped, it was helping me too. However, the thought wouldn’t escape me that I just need to put all of that aside to handle my business. On the strength that it wouldn’t leave me, I ultimately decided to do it.

Today, as I sat reflecting on how accomplished and secure I feel having handled so much in only a few days and enjoying that it left me $500 richer (woohoo!), I asked myself, “Why was it necessary for me to do this?” Furthermore, “What was the difference between this stuff and my business/writing?” That is when the words that Elliot’s father spoke came back to me. It occurred to me that my fear of the prospect of penalty and failure was so great because IF I was penalized or IF I failed, the only person that would be affected is ME. I realized that I was okay doing things for myself as long as it involved others but I little to no regard for things that others weren’t involved in or affected by. This left me in a place where I felt like the things I had to handle alone were insurmountable and ultimately made me feel alone. Therefore, I was subconsciously avoiding them. It wasn’t until today that I realized that my decision to put the other things aside was really a decision to face my greatest fear.

Could it be that the secret to conquering YOUR greatest fear lies in making a simple decision to put some things aside and to do what is for nobody other than self?

Posted by Mich Weston on 06/08/2016

Looking back on my leadership experience I discovered something quite interesting. I discovered that much of my experience in leadership has been in the role of an assistant. I’ve always been the assistant this and assistant that or the such-and-such assistant. To this day, I really don’t mind it. There is so much joy in being a participant and contributor to helping fulfill a vision. Even more so, it’s exciting to be connected with something and/or someone whose purpose is far greater than one’s individual self.

Without a doubt, these experiences were those which prepared me for when my time of assisting would become that of leading. The skills that I cultivated during my time of assisting partnered with observation and analysis of the successes and failures of those whom I’d assisted allowed me to develop my own leadership style and my own philosophies as it pertains to leadership. With the right mixture of exposure and experience, I was what most would consider a “well-groomed” leader.

How is it then, that such a well-groomed leader gets to a place where he feels like his leadership is ineffective? How is it that after so much exposure and experience that this same leader begins to question his capacity to lead? After all, I had done my very best to be a decisive leader but who also was sensitive to those he led. I did my best to be adaptable to change. I knew how to organize, delegate, and had the work ethic of an ox. So, why would I get to the place where this didn’t seem like enough?

The answer to these questions is hidden in the details surrounding the roles of “leadership” I occupied. In almost every case, I walked into systems in which context and culture had already been established and fostered for several years. This, in and of itself, was not a problem however. In fact, in my opinion, these were opportunities for me to be a catalyst in expanding the contextual and cultural borders. This perception was further validated when I took into consideration that, in all of these cases, I was the complete contrast of my predecessor. I was what some would consider “a breath of fresh air.” My modus operandi was never that of one who attempts to be “revolutionary.” However, I was fully aware of my capacity to be an agent of change. So, I set out, though ambitiously also with caution and consideration as not to cause disruption.

It didn’t take long, however, for me to learn that the stimulus of disruption is not intent but rather influence. After a while, my leadership seemed to become the enemy to the culture I so carefully sought not to disrupt. I pondered the question, “Has my ambition become greater than my consideration?” As one who always seeks to be balanced, I resolved to streamline my efforts as not to lose this balance or overwhelm. My attempt to streamline, however, seemed not to be enough. I was, again, met with resistance. So I further streamlined my already streamlined efforts.

After repeating this cycle multiple times, my efforts felt like nothing. Furthermore, I began to question my own motives and abilities which ultimately drove me to the belief that my leadership was ineffective. Luckily, I never stayed in those places. Because of the ability of my supporters to encourage me, I would eventually “get back on the horse,” but getting “back on the horse,” every time, seemed like a downgrade. I felt like, gradually, I went from having a Clydesdale to eventually having to settle for a jackass.

A conversation I had today, caused me to think retrospectively on these times of having to “get back on the horse” and I realized something for the first time. It occurred to me that from my years of being the assistant, I brought more with me than just my polished skills, unique leadership style, and exposed perspective. I brought something that should have been left with those experiences; the assistant mentality. You know, the mentality that seeks to stay in its place and never get in the way or cause disruption; the mentality that is adaptable to a fault. It will cause one to subject themselves to contexts and cultures that never had the capacity to receive them in the first place. Ultimately, this mentality hinders one from knowing their influence, blinded by the priority of their good intentions.

Don’t misunderstand me, I still believe good intent to be a non-negotiable and vital part of one’s integrity. However, I’ve come to discover that being too focused on their own intentions can and will cause one to neglect to make others accountable to them. In addition, it will cause one to blindly enter into relationships that are doomed from the beginning which will cause inevitable disruption in the lives of all parties involved. In those times of disruption an individual with the assistant mentality will find themselves fighting for what was never going to work. Each time, you “get back on the horse,” you’ll feel like Enterprise downgraded you from a full-size SUV to having to stuff yourself in an economy-size car. What I mean is that you’ll feel caged in.

For years, I felt caged in and couldn’t understand why; well, not until today. I subjected myself to people, places, and things that never had the capacity to accommodate me. I spent years trying to find my place only to realize that every time I got “back on the horse” I was really piggyback riding.